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Workshops and Teacher Development

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Senior teacher Monica Haar will run 8 Teacher Development sessions for Certified teachers only. This series of sessions are for Teachers who want to get to know the syllabus of the new system or maybe prepare for a future assessment.

Each session will include both practical and theoretical components. The theme for each session will be different, and run in consecutive order. Therefore, regular attendance is recommended, with 5 sessions a minimum. The sessions will be taking in consideration each individual who enrols. Because of this, it is important that you pre-enrol at least a couple of weeks prior to the date of your attendance. Places are limited.

Regular attendees to the TD sessions will get a $50 discount for the Backbend Intensive 16-18 February and the Workshop 28-30 June @ $230 (includes TD concessions)

Each TD session $50 to be paid at arrival.

Teacher Development  Sessions at IYC 2024;


1) 16- 18 Feb,  Backbend Intensive

2) 20th April,

3) 18th May,

4) 8th June,

5) 28-30 June, Seated Asana &Arm Balancings Intensive see poster below.

6) 20th July,

7) 19th October,

8) 16th November

Overseas Workshops taught by Moni;

*Sept 13-15  in Göteborg

*Sept 20-22 in Stockholm

Teacher Development sessions at IYC, Auckland 2024                 

                          Saturdays; 12.30 - 4.30 pm