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Practice sequence for you who might be away or for other reasons cannot make it to class this week.

If you are familiar with Sirsasana and Sarvangasana then you can add Sirsasana after the standing asana and Sarvangasana at the end of the entire sequence. If you are short of time then take a few asana out of each group as they come in sequential order. Enjoy  your practice!

Note; The last pose in box 22 is meant to be Savasana where you lower your legs down and lay flat on the floor for 5 minutes to recuperate after your practise..

News !

*Level 1 class for raw beginners, Wednesdays at 5.30-7pm. If you are new to Yoga, this class is for you!

*Level 3 class  -Saturdays at 10.30am-12noon (ask your teacher before attending)

* Labour weekend classes as normal except Monday 22October one class only at 9.30-11am