Class fees

Please note that the school does not have EFTPOS

All paymentsd should be done before class with Cash at the door, or scan the Dosh QR code for digital payment, either from here or at the IYC desk. No credit is given!

You will need to download the Dosh app (at home) and  follow the instructions.

Once done, scan our Dosh QR code  at the desk, or here, and pay.

It is real easy.

Please use our referral code 00014056 when you download the app.

1.5 hour Classes;


$25 Casual Class

Concession cards are valid for 6 weeks. A card can be shared between 2 people or more

                      ◦   $80     for 4 classes   @ $20/class

           ◦   $150   for 8 classes   @ $18/class

           ◦   $200   for 12 classes @ $16/class


Membership; 1 month unlimited classes (personal) @$180 (ex 3 classes/week @$15)

Zoom classes; same fees as above

1 hour class;

Fee: $20 Casual  Class -  Consession card for 4 classes @ $70 ($17/class and valid 6 weeks)

Workshops and TD; please see posters for payment options

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